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The US Diaries

Dated: 27th Jan 2013
I have now come to an end of my two week trip, a trip that was so packed that I missed the entire Australian Open (anyone who knows me will realize that's quite a big deal!).
As soon as you land, you immediately know that you have landed in USA, as there is Obama's face peering at you from every TV screen and every poster at the airport. There is also the debate about gun laws going on in every news channel. And, when you step out of the airport, the traffic is going the opposite way, and when you go to any burger place for a bite, you watch NBA basketball when just the day before you were watching cricket while eating your burger at the same Mc Donald's burger joint. I am not saying anything new here. Everybody knows these things, but, these are things that nevertheless strike you as different as soon as you land.
The things that really strike you if you're coming from India are:
1. The cars greatly outnumber people and in any case, the populatio…