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Is it time already?

I have about two weeks left in Baltimore, my first home outside India. And, I'm starting to get this sense that everything I do now is going to be for the last time. That is a weird feeling to have. This really may not even be the last time and I might come to Baltimore again, even if for a short visit, but it will never be home again. 
I came to Baltimore as a fresh PhD from India, leaving behind the life I had created for myself in Bangalore for over 6 years. Flying across half the world and moving over to a new country wasn't going to be easy, and so I was more anxious than excited. It didn't help that I landed here in late November when the cold winter was already under way. I was worlds away from everyone I loved and completely clueless about how things were done here. Of course, like everyone else before me, I too figured out everything. But, in those initial few months, I often wondered who would know or care if something happened to me right then. I was home sick …