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Rental Scamming is a real thing

Apartment hunting is hard in any city, more so in a city like Boston, where costs are high and you have a whole milieu of brokers and middlemen to deal with. Add to it the fact that you are doing a remote search of your perfect home and you can see why it can be a herculean task. It took me about a month to find a place I actually liked and another couple of weeks to finalize it.
The apartment search in the US mostly goes something like this. You sign up on various apartment listing websites, join apartment and roommate search groups and obsessively scan Craigslist. You add various filters such as price and location and hit enter. You check out the various listings it throws up, go page by page and save some search results. In the process you realize that cozy means so small that you will practically live in a closet and few blocks away from the T station can mean at least a 15-20 minute walk. But, you are desperate, so you need to try everything. Next, you contact the email ids or p…