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Rafa all the way

This has been a phenomenal year for Rafael Nadal. Winning 3 Grand  Slams in a year was known to be Roger Federer's forte. Well, that surely has changed and it seems as though the roles have been reversed. This year Roger was down to one Slam and Rafa won the other three. For a die hard Federer fan which I am, it's hard to digest the fact that his ranking has slipped to the 3rd, that he has won just the Australian Open this year, that his phenomenal streak of reaching 23 consecutive Slam semis was broken, that he was beaten by Novak Djokovic (whom he has beat all the previous years) in this year's US Open semis. All this and more has happened this year. This year, one particular player, not named Roger Federer has dominated all the slams and most of the tour. This saddens me. But then, one can't help but admire the humility that Rafa shows, no matter how much I want to hate him for having displaced Roger from the pedestal and making it his own. For all the comparisons …