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The saga of the thesis...

The culmination of your PhD into that one document: The Thesis
The task of thesis writing is excruciatingly painful. And I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that each stage is increasingly more difficult than the previous one.
Obstacle 1: Connecting seemingly unconnected, unrelated topics under one common heading: Yes, this is exactly what you have to do! That's because you have worked on various topics (read anything that caught the fancy of your advisor) and in the end you really don't know what the connecting point of all your work really is, 'coz there is nothing. So now, you have to be creative and connect the topics somehow, anyhow. At one point you will get frustrated and simply write down all the topics of your research and connect them together with the "and" clause. By some stroke of luck though you'll manage to find something that is really broad and encompasses everything that you have worked on.
Obstacle 2: The actual writing process: …