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I love sports...

I love sports. And by that, I do not mean loving what they show on tv, though I like that too. What I really love is how you try to win, always. Love it when you win, love the rush when you're in the middle of the game, the focus in the game that takes you away from any and every concern you have in your life. It simply rejuvenates you like nothing else.
I have been playing badminton on and off since I can remember. Don't even remember the first time I picked up a racquet. We used to have these small wooden racquets for kids back then, when I was in the 1st or 2nd std. As a kid, you are always fascinated by anything and everything that elders do. My uncle used to play badminton everyday. I used to accompany him sometimes to the club and wait for everyone to finish playing, after which he would play a couple of points with me. That is how I learnt it.
I continued playing with my sister till about my 7th or 8th std. But I wasn't regular at it. It used to always depend on my m…

Phrases that must never be used when talking to your PhD Guide

There are some phrases that must never be uttered when talking to your PhD guide. 'Coz if you do, then you might have to endure a lecture from him/her that will leave you wondering what got into you, that you said that!!
"You said so earlier..." : Never ever say this. If your Prof. asks you to remove something from your presentation that he himself had asked you to add, you're done for if you tell him, "But, you asked me to put this in earlier". The standard reply you may get will be something like this- "I may have said so many things." Or worse, you may get a scorn for a reply that will instantly shut you up. "I didn't get time to..." : You should definitely steer clear from saying anything of this sort. 'Coz if you do, then before you even finish your sentence, you're bound to get a look that says, "What? You didn't get time?!!." Then your Prof. will ask you, "So, what is it that you do that you don't…