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Nothing in Particular

Once in a while, you feel like writing all the nonsense thats going on in your head. That once in a while happens to be now, and this post is definitely going to live up to its title.
The mind is so fickle. Some days you feel everything to be such a drab. You hate the weather no matter what. If its sunny, you think its too sunny and if its raining, you think its too gloomy. You hate the fact that you have to come to the same department, same lab every day. You hate the routine. You don't feel like waking up in the morning and wish it was saturday, so you could sleep for the entire day. You miss home terribly, but when you pick up your phone to make a call, you realize you don't really have anything to say unless you want to whine about everything in general, which is in fact stupid, and so you end up not calling. These are the days when you look at the half empty side of every single thing, and that too, for no apparent reason. On such days you scold yourself and get on with li…

Football Fever

If there was one thing you just couldn't escape this summer, it was the incessant talk of the "world cup" and the barrage of news articles on football and football players. So much so, that my favourite sporting event, Wimbledon, got sidelined. But, if you think I'm complaining, you're wrong. I got hooked to football. Don't know how. It just happened.
I didn't know anything about football, save for a few famous names and clubs, before the world cup. It had never really caught my interest. People called it "the beautiful game" and I always wondered why. Well, tennis still is my favourite game, but football has also caught my fancy now. 
One reason for this might be the fact that watching a game with 15 other people is definitely more fun than watching it alone. During the 2006 FIFA world cup, I was at home and I did watch a few matches then, but never really got into it. The 2010 world cup has been a totally different ball game. It has been so much…

A helping hand

A helping hand is a short story that I came across in the 17th June issue of the Journal Nature. The story in short is that Josh who is writing his Ph.D thesis is being helped by another Josh in a parallel universe in return for sulphur and silicon which is what they need for their so called super improved technology. This story suggests that their are copies of all humans in all the parallel universes. I feel that this story is inconsistent in some respects.
First, it gives you the idea that there are multiple Joshes, one in each of the parallel universes and all exactly alike. Well, if one takes that to be true, it means that all these parallel universes too have to be exactly alike, which in turn means that the lumps which disintegrated from the rattlesnake were similar in all respects- size, mass, density, dynamics, intricate details, et. al. And, if that is indeed the case, how is it that the technology here is so inferior to that of the other parallel universes. So, in essence, a…