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When do you know that you've grown up?

When does it hit you that you've grown up? It hits you when one of your closest friends from school gets married. When you meet your school friends, some of them after years, and wonder aloud, "So, who's next?" You look at all your friends and you realize that everyone of them has become quite serious about their careers, while you thought it was just you all along. You no longer talk/behave childishly(well, you realize this only because the image you have of the person you are talking to is from school, and now, that same person seems grown up and mature), instead you have long discussions. When someone says that they're in a relationship, you don't tease them, you're not even surprised, you almost expect it. You meet up these old friends of yours and talk about what they're going to do next, how their careers are shaping up, and stuff like that. And, when you want to steer away from a serious topic, you start talking about all the silly stuff you a…