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Sports sometimes creates stories that seem so perfect. The second Sunday of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships marked Federer’s return as a Grand Slam champion, one that had eluded him for more than two years and a reclaim to the No.1 position in the ATP rankings. Besides being a personal triumph, this day also witnessed a rewriting of history as with this title Federer now equalled Pete Sampras’ record of winning the most Wimbledon titles (7 in all) and being No. 1 for the maximum number of weeks (286 weeks). It all seems so perfect, creating a story as if it was meant to be and was destined to happen, all because he hadn’t won a Slam in a long time and now he was due. It makes you feel that Federer was a mere player in the Grand scheme of things for whom things were prewritten and he just had to be there to be carried over by the wave. But then, beneath this beautiful story lies the resilience of that same player who made it all happen. It is this remarkable character that makes Roger…