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There's something about the city you grow up in. When you see the local metro stations right before your train stops at the main railway station, you always have a smile on your lips. You have that longing for the train to reach its final station as soon as possible, yet you want to savor every moment, notice everything, and for this reason alone you want everything to happen in slow motion. Conflicting emotions, yet happy ones.
Then when you step out of the railway station, you look around for a few seconds just enjoying the fact that you are home. You take an auto rickshaw or board a bus and look at everything around you. Merely looking at the bus numbers too trigger memories.You suddenly become so observant that nothing escapes your eye. You want to locate every change that has happened in your city, and also make a mental note of what has remained the same. You just want to soak everything in.
After you've reached home and met your family, you want to roam around the familia…