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When Love Is In The Air... Part II

Note: This is my second post on this topic. You can find Part I here. I wrote this 5 years ago, but it was lying in my drafts all this while. My impulse got the better of me today, mostly because I haven't posted anything in a while and got desperate. So here I am posting it, finally!
What has really induced me into writing this post is the fact that one of my closest friends has recently got engaged to be married. Well the wedding -which is going to be an arranged marriage by the way- is still a few months away and so this is exactly the time when all interesting things happen.
So then, let me begin from the beginning.
The initial period (right after both families agree to the marriage) is the period of anxiety. Will he or won't he call! Each day is a long wait for that elusive phone call from the boy, to the point of frustration. This is when all theories are concocted...the boy himself may not be interested in the marriage and has acceded to it to please his parents theor…