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Happy women's day, I guess

Today, March 8th, is recognized all over the world as a special day to celebrate women. And, all the ads and trending videos on social media today depict a super woman, a woman so adept at multitasking that it is second nature to her. The message in most of these videos suggests why men should celebrate her as she is a nurturer, a homemaker, a multitasker always on top of her job. It's great that the world celebrates us at least one day out of 365. But frankly, I don't see the point. I don't see how it helps, coz the most basic thing like education and financial independence for a woman to feel equal to men is sometimes missing. 
Let me go back a couple generations to illustrate this. My Dadi (my father's mother) was allowed to go to school only until class 4 or so. She was married off to my grandfather at age 11. Same was the case with my Nani (my mother's mother). That was the world they knew. They barely learnt to read and do some basic maths and that's it …