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When Love Is In The Air..........

Have you ever been with friends who constantly jabber about their love life? I, for one, am right now in that kind of a situation, and let me tell you, it is not one of the most envious positions to be in! It is rather, one of those experiences which you have to endure as there is no way you can ask your friend to shut up without being rude. Since I have been with them throughout, I think I have the right perspective to analyze what they thought about love and various things in life before they fell in love and after they have fallen in love. So, let me tell you the BEFORE and the AFTER of falling in love.

  • Before- There were various shades to life. People noticed all colours and loved all colours, yes, even the blues and blacks and browns. After- The only colour that exists is pink and only shades are the lightened or darkened shades of pinks and reds.
  • Before- The mushy/corny dialogues in films and movies were scorned/laughed at. After- Since the mushy things have been happening in their own lives, everything has suddenly become Oh! So sweet!! And now, they actually scorn at me when I tell them this was in fact mushy!
  • Before- There were so many things to do, like, watching movies, reading novels, catching up with even those friends they were not close to, sitting for hours and gossiping about people and philosophizing about life, continuing to sit at the table long after the food is over and our hands have dried. After- Yes, they do eat (though they forget that its lunch or dinner time) but thats because, their loyal friends like me remind them that they are hungry. They are more often than not sleep deprived either because of talking to their boyfriends the entire night, or if thats not the case then dreaming about the conversations they have already had.
  • Before- All kinds of songs were pleasant to the ear. After- Its love songs, love songs and love songs. And each time they carry a different interpretation.
  • Before- They liked learning languages, but it was as and when it happened. After- If the boyfriend's mother tongue is different than theirs, they vehemently try to catch up and practice the language.
  • Before- They were only friends, so their respective partners' qualities didn't overwhelm them. After- Even the most ordinary virtues, found in almost every person acquire a new meaning. Every single virtue is Oh! So Good! and Oh! So unique!..........I mean 'unique', this same unique virtue is found in hundred other people they know. But no, you can't point that out to them!!
  • Before- Other people are also handsome and good looking. After- They have an eye only for their special one. They are the best looking, to them. Thats their opinion, they say. Now you can't really dispute that.
So, isn't it interesting how perspectives change even though they are the same persons, and their partners are the same persons as well.

xx Rati


  1. hi rathi...ths s jeeva..found ths post very interestin..n coldnt resist commenting..!! firstly ur definitly not right position 2 analyze it.. coz u have nt experienced it... it s one of those thngs whch u have 2 feel 2 understan rather than watch or read it somewhere...!! n secondly.. feel lucky when ur friend s sharin somethn about their love life.. it shows hw imp ur to them n hw close ur...n its never tht they go along tellin evy1 abt their love life...coz i would really feel happy if my friend is sharin somethng like tht!! n then about ur befor n after analyzes...some r right n some r completely wrong n some r logical which evy1 passes through in their life...let it be lovers or newly married couples... it s feelin when some1 gets close 2 u... n its a short term effect!! its like when u get ur exam results n ur in seventh heaven which also 4 a short time...!!

    we have few friends... n al have some gud as well as bad qualities.. but only some can understan u when u don say anythn..or wat u feel.. n it ths these qualities which convert a friend 2 a lover...rather than a quality searched 4 after dey bcum ur luv...!!

  2. @ jeev....thanks for the funda!!! btw, everything i've written basically comes from what i myself have seen. these r just some of my thoughts on this notion called 'love'.

  3. hi rati This is amin khan.My friends usually say that I am in love with that girl.But I am still in confuse that its correct or not,because I don't know, what is love.Even I have not talk with her more than five times.Obviously I think that she is a very good girl.And I never think that she should be my wife in future.But I wish that she should be my friend always,even still we are not to other lovers I never tried to follow her.and I never want to tell her about my feelings,even my friends use to ask me to tell her about my feelings.many times I think that I was not in love with that girl but my friends are responsible for that kind of situation.If its love then I believe only in this kind of love in which we don't need to propose. she should feel this love without propose .........

  4. @ amin....Thanks for sharing your experience with me. But, I don't think I can help you in any way. I'm happy if you could relate to whatever I've written in my blog.

  5. oh God! this is hilarious! Your article was greatttt, your observations were precise but the comments here are... mind-blowing!!!
    Jeeva's defence of lovers was rib-tickling, to say the least :) and Amin thinks YOU are an agony aunt!!!
    Awesome! Awesome! Way to go!!!

  6. very true indeed. the way jeeva has defended his case, people would think i have attacked him personally.

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