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No.15!!!.............and the Record Breaks

Well, wondering why I am writing a post about Roger Federer's historic record breaking triumph almost a month after he did it and a week after he became a father to twin girls-Myla Rose and Charlene Riva-even though the number 15 meant so much for me! Its only because I was overwhelmed due to the very magnitude of his achievements this last month-completing the career Grand Slam by winning his first (and hopefully not the last) Roland Garros title and then breaking Pete Sampras's record of most number of Grand Slam titles by winning at the Wimbledon and setting an all time record of 15 Grand Slam titles just two weeks later. This is so damn good, it can't get any better. Or, maybe it can, as we know that the person who can better this, Roger Federer, hasn't yet retired nor has any plans in this direction in the near future.

The first time I watched a tennis match was the 2005 US Open Final where Roger Federer defeated Andre Agassi. This was one of the most beautiful matches among the many beautiful ones that Roger has played. And when your first experience of Tennis is such a wonderful match, you can't help falling in love with the game and with the person who made it so-Roger Federer.

So, its no wonder that after that match I ardently followed Roger Federer's career. And he went on to reach his crowning moment. Last year when tennis critics had written him off, even though his results in 2008 were an envy of many a players including Murray and Djokovic, I and I know that all his loyal fans always believed he would bounce back. Last year he himself rightly said, "I had created a monster". And this monster had to eventually slow down a bit, but was still sufficiently strong enough to breeze past his opponents until the final of a Grand Slam, where he almost always inevitably met his nemesis Rafael Nadal.........until Roland Garros 2009 came, where Nadal lost to a very deserving victor Robin Soderling. But, Federer was there when all the top players were out. And eventually he prevailed, winning his only elusive title-The French Open.

Wimbledon '09 started out on a very sad note with its defending champion-Rafael Nadal-withdrawing from the tournament due to knee injury. Andy Roddick reached the final most deservedly, beating the most hyped player in the British media, Andy Murray and played his heart out in the final, but, yet again Roger Federer prevailed. And this time he broke Pete Sampras's record of 14 Grand Slam titles.

People may think that he has got nothing to prove anymore, which is in fact true. But, Federer will not leave the game, no not yet, when he still loves tennis, still loves to tour(though, that might be a tad difficult now, what with his little angels joining his touring team), still loves the to hear the crowd chanting his name whenever he plays. And therefore, we fans are in for the treat of watching his game for as long as he continues to love the game, which is most definitely at least till the 2012 London Olympics, what he himself has assured us of.

So, cheers to the champion, and hope he goes on to win many more Grand Slam titles before he eventually decides to hang up his racquet for good.


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